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Aspiring Graphics Freelancers And Busy Work-At-Home Entrepreneurs...

How To Create Your Own 100% Original Mini Site Designs From
Scratch - In Just Minutes... Using Adobe Photoshop!"

Videos Reveal How Even A Newbie Can Go PRO Designer In Under
48 Hours
And Learn How To Create Your Own Original Mini
Site And Cover Designs!

Table S.O.H.O: Shahkhairul Nizam a.k.a IjamIdayu

Today's Date: 12.57 pm / 22 OCTOBER 2008

Dear Aspiring Mini Site Creator,

How would you like to be able to create your own professional mini sites in just minutes starting from now... even if you have absolutely no prior graphic design experience, or have failed art class before?

And how would you like to spawn your own countless mini site designs instead of paying
a hefty fee of $97 - 197 per mini site package to other designers?

Or better still... acquire the skills to charge other busy webmasters and kick start your online career as a freelancer?

I'm not going to dive into a long sales pitch but I trust you probably know that designing your own graphics is NOT necessarily easy. Depending on how fast you learn, it can take weeks - sometimes even months - to get this new skill down pat.

"Not Everyone Has The Luxury Of Free Time."
You might be a busy Internet Business owner on a budget and prefer to do everything yourself at the moment.

Or you're prospecting the opportunities of earning a part-time income as a freelancer but you're not equipped with any skills to make your own dough just yet.

But if you believe in learning through seeing is the best and fastest form of education then you're going to be in for a breakthrough. Because finally, you don't have to spend painful weeks - or even months - learning by trial and error

(By the way, don't you agree that guessing isn't so smart?)

"Announcing Adobe Photoshop For Newbies...!"

How to Design Simple
Mini Sites Using Adobe Photoshop!

Video Count: 8
Flash Format, Instant Download After Purchase

Forget sacrificing sleepless nights staying up to learn the ropes of a new trade. In these
step-by-step videos, I show you how to get your own mini site designed even in as early as under one day (or at the most, 2 days). As long as you follow my video tutorials religiously,
you will break the steep learning curve almost instantly and have your first mini site designed by tomorrow.

Even if you have not used Adobe Photoshop before.

And even if you have failed in Art classes.

In the Adobe Photoshop For Newbies video series, you will learn how to Design Simple Yet Professional Looking Mini Sites Using Adobe Photoshop even if you aren't good at art creation!

Follow this easy to under video series step by step to create your own minisites and
before you know it your friends and customers will ask you "Who'd you hire to make those minisites?!"

Understanding Adobe Photoshop Features You Will Use

(9 minutes and 38 seconds)

Photoshop can be a complex tool only because you can
do so much with it, however for in this video series,
we're going to keep it as simple as possible. In fact,
in this video you'll see an overview of the few tools
and Adobe Photoshop features we will use. When you see
this video, you'll see how you can do so much with so
few features, but you'll learn how to use them in depth
in the future videos.

Importance of Royalty Free Images and How
to Find Them

(7 minutes and 39 seconds)

you create your own minisites, you'll need to have access
to professional photography to make your designs look
great for whatever subject matter. Well, in this video,
you'll learn the importance of using Royalty free images
and how you can find them to fulfill your needs.

How to Use the Adobe Lasso and Crop Tool

(7 minutes and 35 seconds)

Adobe Photoshop lasso and crop tools are the tools that
you'll use to take people and objects out of regular
pictures and put into your minisite designs. I'm sure
you've seen headers with people or objects in them right?
We'll that's where the lasso tool and crop tools come
into play. So you'll learn what they can do for you,
but most importantly how to use them correctly.

How to Work with Layers to Make Art Creation

(5 minutes and 40 seconds)

are the big secret to making photos come to life. In
Photoshop you can take several photos and merge them
together to make it looks like it's one picture. At
the same time, layers will make your life as a minisite
creator so much easier, you'll save lots of time. In
this video, you'll learn how to use layers to your advantage.

How to Understand the Art of Balancing Your

(7 minutes and 59 seconds)

you remember looking at a picture and saying to yourself,
nice picture, it's looks right. Or maybe you thought,
"that picture doesn't look right". We'll this
is when balancing your designs comes into play. If you
learn how to balance your headers, footers, ecovers,
and more correctly you'll learn how to make your minisites
look right when people look at them.

How to Create a Minisite Header

(11 minutes and 14 seconds)

the fun part. You were shown videos 1-5 for a reason,
that is, to help you understand the basic fundamental
concepts before you got started creating the actual
designs. The best part, is that you can take videos
1-5 and apply them to other things besides just minisites!
So with that said in this video, you'll learn how to
create a professional minisite header using the tools Adobe
Photoshop and what you learned earlier.

How to Create a Minisite E-Book, DVD, E-cover

(9 minutes and 47 seconds)

as it says, you'll learn how to take the header you
designed in the previous video and create an ebook or
dvd ecover. You see, creating the header first allows
you to understand how to easily transfer the designs
to the ecover and balance it out.

How to Create a Minisite Background and Footer

(6 minutes and 41 seconds)

you'll learn how to create the final touches of the
minisite, which is the background and the footer. These
two are very easy to create, because you can use your
learning experience from videos 6 and 7 to transfer
those ideas to video 8.

"Here Are Just Some Examples Of What
You Will Be Capable Of Designing From Scratch After
Going Through The Secret Videos!"

(Stephen Luc: Show end-results here)

Now Just Imagine:

How much money you save from hiring other expensive graphic designers to do up every one of your mini sites,

How much money you can also make from charging

other busy Internet Entrepreneurs - if you get 10 clients a month (conservatively speaking) and charge each $97 - 197, you make $970 - $1,970 a month... just doing up their mini sites (and they have little idea how easy it is actually)!

You don't have to go back to college just to learn this thousands of dollars and a few weeks later...
And you can learn it now for just $27.00!

And because I am so confident that you will be cranking out your own mini sites with little
sweat after watching my video tutorials, I am even staking my reputation on it with my solid, iron-clad Money Back Guarantee.

"Your Purchase Is Fully Protected By My 100% Satisfaction 'Or Your Money Back' Guarantee!"

That's right. Purchase my Adobe Photoshop For Newbies Video Tutorials today and follow every step I highlight in creating your first proper Mini Site design. The
requirement is that you must have Adobe Photoshop already installed in your computer (version 6.0 and above).

Remember, even though my methods can help newbies build their first mini site in under 48 hours (conservatively speaking - because everyone has a different learning speed) I am going to give you more than enough time to check my videos out and apply the steps.

To the tune of 90 days after your purchase - 100% RISK-FREE.

Follow the video tutorials and apply the steps as you go along. With a full 3 months of risk-free experience, you have more than enough time to create your first professional
mini site design using nothing more than Adobe Photoshop.

If for any reason at all, you're not happy with the results rom what you learn in my Adobe Photoshop video tutorials, delete the videos from your hard drive, contact me and I will refund your purchase. No questions asked.

You cannot

So order now even if it is 2 in the morning. Regardless of where you order from and what time zone you live in, you can get access to the videos and download them right away after making your purchase online via our secure server.

Invest in these videos now and be on your way to churning out your first professional mini site - in just minutes!

Adobe Photoshop For Newbies
Video Tutorials

Click Here To Order Now For Just $27.00


Shahkhairul Nizam a.k.a IjamIdayu

Finally you can learn how to create your own mini sites - and produce UNLIMITED numbers of them - each
taking up no more than a few mere minutes of your time. Save money from hiring expensive designers... or be the one to wearing the hat of a professional freelance designer!

You need to have Adobe Flash Player to view all of the videos. If you don't have the application installed in your computer, you can get the plug-in from the Adobe official website for FREE. Link to the application will also be provided in the customer download area.

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